What is New You Next Week?

New You Next Week is a 10 day body and lifestyle transformation system designed by the pioneer in Hollywood personal training, Dan Isaacson.

To understand this program’s three main components, let’s peel back the layers of balanced health and fitness behavior. Notice my emphasis on 'balanced'? That one word represents why this program is so effective; it includes a well rounded composite of what a host of experts—myself included— recommend for lasting health and fitness.

Here’s how I’ve broken down this program for you:

  • First, you receive customized menus. What’s exciting about these eating plans is that they’re devised to help you get lean while empowering you to make healthy meal choices with nutrient-rich foods you enjoy.

  • Up next, there’s your exercise plan. It’s designed to be both fun and challenging, so you get the most out of each day’s routine. I’ll train you every step of the way, from cardio intervals to full-body muscle conditioning to stress-busting stretches for—you guessed it— balanced fitness results.

  • Finally, we’ll look at how basic lifestyle changes can go a long way toward “rebooting” how healthy you look and feel every day. Use a pedometer to help you track and increase your daily steps. As a bonus, I’ve found that walking and other simple lifestyle activities boost health and accelerate weight loss!

With these three elements in place, you’re about to take on the role of a lifetime—a new you from now on. Ready, set, ACTION!

Does it take a lot of time to follow the New You Next Week System?

Do you have 10 days? When celebrities come to Dan for help, they typically don’t have a lot of time to get in shape. Because of this, Dan has been able to create a system that “jump starts” your body, mind and spirit and puts you on the path for success – FAST! So can you commit just 10 days? 10 days to change your body and your life?

Who can benefit from New You Next Week?

New You Next Week is designed for everyone – beginner to advanced. Dan has distilled his years of fitness know-how into clear, simple and concise language. The videos are easy to follow and easy to do… but they will get you the results you’re looking for. So whether you are a fitness professional or just starting out on your fitness journey, New You Next Week will work for you!

Is New You Next Week expensive?

You could join a gym, pay the monthly fee, and get no personal training… or you could fly to LA and pay thousands for Dan’s services… For under $100 – why wouldn’t you want to have Dan’s proven tactics at your finger tips?

How long does it take to get started with New You Next Week?

With New You Next Week your success starts TODAY! Just by opening the box, you’re saying “YES” – I CAN. Today is DAY ONE – What are you waiting for? With New You Next Week it is not about “yesterday” and it is not about “tomorrow.” New You Next Week is about TODAY. Right here…right now!

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